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     Isabella McMurry is a graduate from California State University, Chico with a BFA degree in Studio Art and an emphasis in Digital Media. Her primary focus is creating stories and illustrating characters to bring them to life. She observes the wonders in the world around her and is determined to recreate them when she puts her pencil to paper.


     Isabella’s life has been on a track towards her dream of working in the art industry. Her passionate, enduring devotion to art has kept her motivated and determined. She has had a lot of support along the way, too, from friends, family, and mentors. Isabella’s ambitions have focused in on the Digital Illustration, Animation, and the Graphic Design industries.

     Isabella has received recognition and awards for her artwork in school competitions and events, local art galleries, the annual city fair, and also on social media. Isabella has also been commissioned for illustrations and logo designs by multiple clients and local programs such as: SELPA, B.A.S.E.S, the North State Arts Education Consortium, Butte County Strong, and more.


     Isabella’s goal is to inspire others and to open our culture’s mind to the power of imagination, for she knows it has the strength to change the world. And bringing creative change to the world is just what she intends to do.

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